Considering business in China or another Asian country? You already have a business with China and have quality issues or need more control over your merchandises? Are you looking into entering the Romanian market? We offer our experience and connections to help you.

An import business can be lucrative, but never easy. The internet is flooded with suppliers from all over. Searching, selecting and verifying a vendor can be quite a task. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Price negotiation, quality control, raw material acquisition, product development, logistics etc. can be quite a can of worms.

That’s where Molinaro Group Global steps in!

We are a specialized business consulting company that represents your business throughout the Supply Chain. We have helped businesses of all sizes take advantage of product sourcing from China and other Asian countries. Our specialized services not only help you find the right suppliers for your business, but also ensure that you get the right price and quality from them.

If you need help with any aspect of importing from China, we have all the services you need.
If you need help with any aspect of setting up a business in Romania, we are here for you.

Although our expertise is in the Asian market, assistance in importing any products is not limited to China. We have helped companies importing from the EC, importing from former USSR countries, importing from North America or importing products from South America. If you want to avoid complications related to acts, customs, transport or any activity related to import, we can help you.

„Made in Asia” – Molinaro Group Global SRL can be the key to your business success!

The right steps to start working with Asian suppliers


Our collaborators are constantly trained to understand and apply evolving standards in many topics such as marketing, production, management, transport and inspection.


Our intercultural approach helps us understand the requirements of our customers and successfully pass on the information to Chinese factories.


We share with our customers the experience, know-how and expertise gained through multidisciplinary international experience.

Why Molinaro Group Global ?

Our services

Our business model focuses on improving customer competitiveness and profitability by reducing costs, reducing risks and ensuring quality.


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